Monday, 6 June 2011

T.O.W - Chilling Mielling Happen

Orait this entry will tell about my trip to Sungai Chilling in Kuala Kubu Bharu(KKB). I believe some of Malaysian are already been there and some are not. By the way, I will keep it short and simple (KISS) okies.

Its hurmm early in the year perhaps, roughly around February or March 2011, can’t remember. Because I when there 2 times. So bertolak dalam pukul 8am in the morning Saturday, using old road which is through Batu Caves, then straight to KKB.

We stop at 1 of the warong on the to KKB forget the name already. Had light breakfast overthere since my mom already prepare Meehun for lunch. So lepaks a bit then continue to our journey. Already smpi simpang to KKB but somehow we sesat up there because there is no sign board mentioning Sg. Chilling. So we turn around back and almost reach Bukit Fraser that time. One of my friends already want to muntah-muntah because of the snake road. So we when down back and this time we noticed that there is an entrance but the sign board mentioned differently.

After reach and park on the sideroad, we walk roughly 10mins to reach the guard house. Over there we have to register our names so that they can keep their record. For my 1st trip we kinda lost dalam hutan. It’s a tricky route in jungle as we pick a wrong direction and end up in the hill which is we take 40mins to go up there. So there we waste a precious time. So go back down and this time we get to a right route.

Before reaching waterfall area, we have to cross 6 river which is semua paras bontot masa melintas. So imagine that our electronic stuff in our bag etc etc. So every time crossing semua berjaga-jaga and don’t to fall into it. So after an hour walking and crossing river finally we arrived safely!! Spending about 3hours in waterfall. The water so cool. Once you gone in never go out!! Sejuk paras beku!!! But for 2nd time pegi dah biasa dengan air tersebut.

So here are some few pictures we taken in Sg. Chilling

 The Map
 1st Trip : Bakri, Aiman, Habri, Me, Faizal, Sani, Azad, Farid 
Photographer - Uncel 'cool' Idrus!!
 2nd Trip : Saqina, Aiman. Farid, Me, Ariff
Not in the pic : Razlan, Mel
The Fall of Water!!
Me on a jump!!

All pictures courtesy of Farid Faisal and Melissa James 

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