Tuesday, 13 September 2011

T.O.W - Challenge Accepted

This coming Thursday, 15 September 2011 will be going to Tokyo, Japan for Tokyo Game Show 2011 and holidays. This time going with a group of 10!!. 

So anything update on Tokyo Game Show 2011 will be updating here from day to day okay. And of course will try to snap in TGS2011 okay :)

Beside that, I made challenge for my self.I will be there for 10 Days and the challenge is I have to take pictures with stranger Japanese Chicks. :)  Already accepted the challenge. Now I really can't wait to reach Tokyo!!! 

Monday, 29 August 2011

T.O.W - Raya Raya Raya

Di sini, saya Mohd Razlan ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Dan Batin pada semua yang mengenali diri ini. Semoga kita dapat meraikan hari yang berbahagia ini di samping keluarga.

Akhir ucapan selamat menyambut Hari Raya pada semua!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

T.O.W - Lord Of The Ring

Forgot to mention this that I manage to get Lord Of The Ring Extended Edition Blu Ray!! 

T.O.W - Toyz Pt 2

Yesterday morning wake up early in the morning to kemas bilik. So kemas shelf cabinet smua. then manage to put my toyz in 1 section. The other section are still empty. So need to buy more toys to display!! hehe..

T.O.W - Berbuka Puasa

Last Saturday went to New York Deli for Berbuka Puasa. The food really damn good!! i take hawaii chicken chop which is superb. The sos so yummy n sweet!! hehe.. below are some of the pictures. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

T.O.W - FIFA 12 Trailer

FIFA 12 trailer!! form gamescom 2011!! Will be out late september 2011!! really can't wait it!! enjoy this trailer okies! peace no war!! 

T.O.W - Toyz

baru2 ni pegi e@curve berbuka puasa di popeye ngan kwn2..sementara tggu derang dtg..gua pun g kedai Sun Comic bli komik Lawak Shabu-Shabu jilid 4.. waktu dh kul 6 lebey kot..tgh boring2 ternmpk la capsule machice..ala yg msk coin pulas2 pstu kuar telur tu..ingat dpt la brg best pas pulas2 tu..sbb gua pulas bhgn One Piece..ingat dpt la Luffy ke, Sanji ke, Zoro ke..alih2 dpt lain lak..aku dh lupa nama dia..haha..so tgk la..amik ngan kamera cap HTC HD7..so gmbr xlawa sgt ye..ngeh2..

T.O.W - Overhauling

Orait! My Blog akan di overhauling kan dalam masa yg terdekat! Sekarang dh sikit letak adverlets and letak banner semua..maklum la baru belajar kot..haha.. Banner tu thanx to Uncle Setil..

Akan mula update day by day after Raya ini..for now tgh nk overhauling bg cun melecun je..


Monday, 6 June 2011

T.O.W - Chilling Mielling Happen

Orait this entry will tell about my trip to Sungai Chilling in Kuala Kubu Bharu(KKB). I believe some of Malaysian are already been there and some are not. By the way, I will keep it short and simple (KISS) okies.

Its hurmm early in the year perhaps, roughly around February or March 2011, can’t remember. Because I when there 2 times. So bertolak dalam pukul 8am in the morning Saturday, using old road which is through Batu Caves, then straight to KKB.

We stop at 1 of the warong on the to KKB forget the name already. Had light breakfast overthere since my mom already prepare Meehun for lunch. So lepaks a bit then continue to our journey. Already smpi simpang to KKB but somehow we sesat up there because there is no sign board mentioning Sg. Chilling. So we turn around back and almost reach Bukit Fraser that time. One of my friends already want to muntah-muntah because of the snake road. So we when down back and this time we noticed that there is an entrance but the sign board mentioned differently.

After reach and park on the sideroad, we walk roughly 10mins to reach the guard house. Over there we have to register our names so that they can keep their record. For my 1st trip we kinda lost dalam hutan. It’s a tricky route in jungle as we pick a wrong direction and end up in the hill which is we take 40mins to go up there. So there we waste a precious time. So go back down and this time we get to a right route.

Before reaching waterfall area, we have to cross 6 river which is semua paras bontot masa melintas. So imagine that our electronic stuff in our bag etc etc. So every time crossing semua berjaga-jaga and don’t to fall into it. So after an hour walking and crossing river finally we arrived safely!! Spending about 3hours in waterfall. The water so cool. Once you gone in never go out!! Sejuk paras beku!!! But for 2nd time pegi dah biasa dengan air tersebut.

So here are some few pictures we taken in Sg. Chilling

 The Map
 1st Trip : Bakri, Aiman, Habri, Me, Faizal, Sani, Azad, Farid 
Photographer - Uncel 'cool' Idrus!!
 2nd Trip : Saqina, Aiman. Farid, Me, Ariff
Not in the pic : Razlan, Mel
The Fall of Water!!
Me on a jump!!

All pictures courtesy of Farid Faisal and Melissa James 

Friday, 3 June 2011

T.O.W - My Blog Happen

Hi and very good good..not sure to say morning, afternoon or evening..so good good sound so good right..

By the way welcome to my blog. What am I going to write in my blog. Hurmm let see. Hurmmm. Orait. How about I just write anything that happen in my life since I was a kid if I remember up until now. My activities, my journey and etc etc. Sound good right?  And will post if i think there is funny moment happen also.

By the way hope you all can understand my English since im going to use Nigeria + Zimbabwe English (credit to Professor Izi)  meaning that going to use rojak buah language okies =;)

So for start let me introduce myself and person who are important to me in my life okies..Here it goes..

Hurmm how do I start. Orait. My name is Mohd Razlan Bin Mohd Radzuan Bin …. Enough kot..hehe.. my friend usually call me ‘Lan’ ‘Lan-Ciao’ ‘Pip’ ‘Pippo’.. if u want to ask y my friends call me that  feel free to ask..not going to write about. It will be a long story nanti.

Im a 176cm, weight roughly about 70-72kg. a happy guy, and easy to get along with even though I never met you before. So overall im totally sweet (wahh puji diri sendiri gitu). Living in parents house in Saujana Utama, Sg Buloh which is very far from my work place in Bangsar.


My parents which is the most important thing in my life. Loving both of them even though always making them mad at me.hehe. .Luv U Mom & Dad!! 

The entire family (Without Adam Zarif and Iqa Raihanna)

Got a brother Mohd Rashdan  happily married with Norhafiza. They got a son Mohammed Raffique and a daughter Nur Iqa Raihanna..
 Mohd Rashdan, Norhafiza, Mohammad Raffique, Nur Iqa Raihanna

My Sister Nurul Asyikin also married with Zaffi Adly and they got a son Adam Zarif Amsyar.

 Zaffi Adly, Nurul Asyikin, Adam Zarif Amsyar

And my last sister Nurul Aisyah. Not going to post her picture. Sorry Acu ;)

About me in my life pulak yea. I am very competitive guy who like to challenge myself to the limit (hurmm macam tak percaya pulakkan?) also a gamer on Playstation 3. My PSN ID – pippolan .
Work in Bangsar which is 45km per trip if I travel by car. Working as Admin in ……………….. not going to tell. Gile simple life aku. hehe. Itu je la kot. Coz right am too tired to think. Baru abis kemas bilik. 

So I think that’s it for the start of my blog. Will keep up posted orait.